How to make an opening in a monolith?

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Wallbreaker -diamond cutting of walls in Krasnodar

Do you know who we are ?
Стенолом(Wallbreaker) - diamond cutting of walls and dismantling in Krasnodar and Krasnodar Krai.
We will carry out the changes you have planned in full and as soon as possible. We will keep the repairs and decorations made earlier.
We work with individuals and organizations.
We provide services of diamond cutting
of door and window openings, openings, interior partitions in any material.
We carry out the dismantling of walls, lowering the walls of pools and other types of work. Quickly and efficiently, on professional equipment, in houses, apartments, commercial premises. The minimum order is from 4500 rubles.

A few words about our company

Dismantling of walls in apartments and houses, as well as the expansion of openings, is serious work that should be trusted by professionals.

After all, there are many nuances in this work, for example, when it is possible, and where it is not recommended and even strictly prohibited, to cut / expand openings without preliminary reinforcement. And when dismantling balcony partitions, you should not rely on chance and save on installing a facade grid.

It is necessary to know that even simple, at first glance, dismantling works can cause destruction or damage to property. All our work is carried out with safety in mind. If necessary, an enclosing tape, facade mesh, etc. is used.

We produce cutting in any material (monolith, brick, block, ...). We have experience of successful dismantling works for more than ten years. We work both with individuals and with large developers of Krasnodar. Among our clients: Zh.K. Seventh Continent, Zh.K. Big, Zh.K. Chocolate, Zh.K. Central, Zh.K. Riviera, Zh.K. Odessa, J.K. 24, J.K. Turgenev, J.K. Elegant, J.K. Skazka Grad.

We work seven days a week (on weekends and holidays, if the object is not located in a residential apartment building), in Krasnodar and Krasnodar Krai. After the work done, by prior arrangement, we carry out the removal and removal of garbage.


All photo and video materials published on the website show the work of the Stenolom company.

We are always ready to give a free consultation, remotely or on site, on issues related to the dismantling or diamond cutting of walls.

About the company

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